Two New Indoor Outdoor Products

We are launching two new products: Topo Bowls and Plant Lab. Both are meant for the home but connect us to nature, both are beautiful but functional, and both are made in the US.


Topo lines are beautiful. That’s just a fact. You know what else is beautiful? Lake Tahoe! Crater Lake! Bear Lake!

Lake topography is technically called bathymetry, but who’s ever heard of that? We took the bathymetry of iconic lakes, and made them into bowls. They look great on their own, but you can also use them as a fruit bowl or a valet for your wallet, keys, etc.


Why buy plants when you can grow them? Take cuttings of your favorite plants, add water, and then wait for your own little test tube babies. Plant Lab is made from a solid piece of walnut with slots for eight test tubes. A slightly recessed lip allows each tube to slide perfectly into place. It is easy to hang and test tubes are included


Concrete and Wood

Six years later, Slabs is still one of our favorite product lines. They were written up in the Seattle Times and Core77, they were sold in West Elm, and in Chip and Joanna Gaines’s store…and we love using them ourselves. Slabs have kept our workspaces tidy with a place for pens, scissors, loose change, keys, tape, and a phone. But what about our wallet? Or holiday cards? Or extra business cards? Or our ice cream cone sticker?

Concrete Desk Set with new Slab for phones, etc.

Meet the new and improved Phone Slab, redesigned with multiple slots of varying widths for your phone and more.

Slabs concrete desk accessories

Oh, and, for those of you who have been waiting patiently for walnut Switchboards, they’re back! Order before they sell out and are on backorder for a year. (We’ll try not to let it happen again.)

Walnut Switchboard coat rack is back in stock.

The Numbers Game

Wrist Ruler started as a “Workshop” product, which was a monthly sprint to quickly design and make a product in the US. We would make them in small production runs and number them. After a certain point, we made so many that it seemed silly to us at the time to keep numbering them.

A few years later, I was at the One Moto Show in Portland and ran into a good friend, Martha. I got excited when I noticed that she was wearing a well-patinaed Wrist Ruler. She casually took it off and showed me the underside where I could still decipher “LVLY.005.” She was wearing the fifth Wrist Ruler! (I wear an unnumbered prototype, and my wife wears number 6753.) If anyone has any of the early, numbered Wrist Rulers, we would love to hear from you.


Abacus on Swiss Miss

We are long-time fans of Tina Roth Eisenberg and her blog Swiss Miss. It is always exciting to see our products pop up. Thank you for featuring Abacus!


Bedtime just got easier.

Putting kids to bed can be hard. (We’re happy for you if it’s not, but no one wants to hear you brag.) Who can blame them? For kids, the bed is a pretty boring place. Well, it used to be.

Snoozefests are beautiful duvet sets that turn your comforter and pillows into fun activities.

The Maze Duvet is one big (big!) maze, with 19 stops along the way from START to END. The Word Search Duvet has names of different animals hidden on it, and the animals are printed on the pillows.

We probably shouldn’t recommend you use pens on them because we can’t guarantee anything will wash out, but we do think red ink would look really cool on them.

Each set comes with a twin duvet and two pillow cases.



Get Props!

We all know about coasters that keep water off your table, but what about a coaster that helps things dry?

Introducing Props drying coasters!

Not everything goes in the dishwasher. We were tired of water getting trapped inside glasses, water bottles, and pots when we dry them. So we created these silicone coasters to prop (ahem) them up and let air circulate.

Props come in a set of four with a little rack to store them by the edge of your sink. After you use one, put it on the rack and let it drip dry.

PROPS. Live and let dry.


This cuff is attractive.

Stowaway is a clean, minimalist, solid stainless steel cuff. Simple and understated, it looks great on everyone.

So, why is it called Stowaway? 

When we present our products, people quickly catch on to a theme and ask, “What else does it do?” As usual, Stowaway has hidden functionality: This cuff is magnetic (another theme of ours). You can use it to hold any number of things: paperclips, screws, nails, pins, drill bits, etc. Use it as a tool when you need it; enjoy its good looks when you don’t.

Stowaway is available in two sizes. The smaller size fits wrists 7″ around and under. The larger size fits wrists 7″-8″.


Black (Nunchucks) Friday

Our latest product is all black, so it just makes sense to announce it on Black Friday. It’s holiday travel season, and we have more than a few problems with travel bottles:

1) There’s not always a place to put them in the shower.
2) You have to shake and/or wait for the goo to get to the cap.
3) They get wet, and then they get the inside of your bag wet.
4) You forget which goo you put in which bottle.
5) There’s nothing cool about them.

We should say we had these problems with travel bottles, because we dare say we solved them. Introducing Nunchucks!

Here’s why we love Nunchucks:

1) They hang anywhere, on any hook, around any shower handle.
2) The cap is always facing down, so the goo settles right where you want it to be.
3) They easily hang on the outside of your gym bag.
4) Nunchucks come with labels to mark your bottles: soap, shampoo, conditioner, or lotion.
5) Nunchucks are cool.