Two New Indoor Outdoor Products

We are launching two new products: Topo Bowls and Plant Lab. Both are meant for the home but connect us to nature, both are beautiful but functional, and both are made in the US.


Topo lines are beautiful. That’s just a fact. You know what else is beautiful? Lake Tahoe! Crater Lake! Bear Lake!

Lake topography is technically called bathymetry, but who’s ever heard of that? We took the bathymetry of iconic lakes, and made them into bowls. They look great on their own, but you can also use them as a fruit bowl or a valet for your wallet, keys, etc.


Why buy plants when you can grow them? Take cuttings of your favorite plants, add water, and then wait for your own little test tube babies. Plant Lab is made from a solid piece of walnut with slots for eight test tubes. A slightly recessed lip allows each tube to slide perfectly into place. It is easy to hang and test tubes are included