West Elm

Really excited that one of our favorite stores, @westelm is now selling a bunch of our products!


Something to Write Home About

When we released Paperback almost exactly five years ago, we knew we had created something special. Half the people who saw it said some version of “I need this in my life!” (The other half said “That’s what the Notes app is for!” but never mind them.) Point is, people still like writing real notes, lists, and reminders.

Today, we’re announcing an evolution of Paperback called Notepad.

Notepad is an erasable adhesive pad for your iPhone or laptop. You can write with a ballpoint pen and erase with any eraser! It’s pretty magical.

We made special pads for iPhone 8 and X, and the rectangular pads work anywhere: on laptops, tablets, and any other phone, with or without a case.

Notepad comes with a pen and an eraser.

Notepad. Write. Erase. Repeat.


TUG in Men’s Journal

Exciting to see Tug featured in Men’s Journal’s Style and Design section for 2018.


Black Switchboard!

We were going to keep this under wraps until they were ready to ship, but we are too excited for the black Switchboard. Preorder now. Shipping early September.



We’re sitting there, after all the presents have been opened, looking at all the paper. What can we do with this mess? Make some origami?

Et voilà! Origami Wrap was born.

Origami Wrap gives a second life to wrapping paper. Just tear or cut along the dotted lines, and follow the numbered instructions to make a Crane, Dog, Iris, Frog, Balloon, or Fish!

Origami Wrap comes in a pack of five 20″x30″ sheets.


Power Couple

Over the past few years, Ilovehandles has expanded into a number of categories: home furnishings, kitchen products, personal accessories, and even puzzles. Well today we’re launching two new products that hark back to our roots in tech accessories. Introducing Tug and Node!

If you have an iPad pro, you probably have an Apple Pencil. If you want to charge them both at the same time, you need two cords AND Apple’s easy-to-lose adapter for the pencil. And if you have both of those devices, chances are you have an iPhone. How do you charge all three at once?

Enter Node, the lightning multi-charger. It’s tiny, but it’s powerful.

Node. One for all.

As cool as USB-C is, many of us were sad when Apple killed off MagSafe, which has undoubtedly saved the lives of countless laptops over the years. That disappointment led us to a key insight: Why not place the magnetic break-away connection at the outlet?

Meet Tug. It works with any power cord you might trip on! It also works as a quick switch; just tug to turn off a lamp or vacuum.

Tug. Make a clean break.

Both products will ship March 1.