Black Switchboard!

We were going to keep this under wraps until they were ready to ship, but we are too excited for the black Switchboard. Preorder now. Shipping early September.



We’re sitting there, after all the presents have been opened, looking at all the paper. What can we do with this mess? Make some origami?

Et voilà! Origami Wrap was born.

Origami Wrap gives a second life to wrapping paper. Just tear or cut along the dotted lines, and follow the numbered instructions to make a Crane, Dog, Iris, Frog, Balloon, or Fish!

Origami Wrap comes in a pack of five 20″x30″ sheets.


Power Couple

Over the past few years, Ilovehandles has expanded into a number of categories: home furnishings, kitchen products, personal accessories, and even puzzles. Well today we’re launching two new products that hark back to our roots in tech accessories. Introducing Tug and Node!

If you have an iPad pro, you probably have an Apple Pencil. If you want to charge them both at the same time, you need two cords AND Apple’s easy-to-lose adapter for the pencil. And if you have both of those devices, chances are you have an iPhone. How do you charge all three at once?

Enter Node, the lightning multi-charger. It’s tiny, but it’s powerful.

Node. One for all.

As cool as USB-C is, many of us were sad when Apple killed off MagSafe, which has undoubtedly saved the lives of countless laptops over the years. That disappointment led us to a key insight: Why not place the magnetic break-away connection at the outlet?

Meet Tug. It works with any power cord you might trip on! It also works as a quick switch; just tug to turn off a lamp or vacuum.

Tug. Make a clean break.

Both products will ship March 1.


Plus Size Model

Plank was one of our first products after Rock Band, the viral product that launched Ilovehandles. Plank solved a personal problem for us, and we thought we might be able to sell them. Mostly, it was for us. We quickly realized that we weren’t the only ones who appreciated Plank’s simplicity and utility.

When we launched Plank, the idea was that you could unload everything from your pockets onto a shelf that is no bigger than it has to be. As phones got bigger, so did Plank. For most phones today, the Plus size is simply a better fit.

The wait is finally over the for those of you who requested a Walnut or Black Plank Plus. There is no longer a tradeoff between the size you need and the finish you want.


How well do you know your city?

Maps are beautiful, but they are also fun. Introducing Puzzle Places! (Like “puzzle pieces”… that are places…). Puzzle Places are wood puzzles of your favorite cities. Each piece has the neighborhood on the underside, so it’s both fun AND educational.

We’re starting out with nine cities: Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Portland, and San Francisco. Let us know if we missed yours.


Stretch on Remodelista

We are excited to be featured for the first time on one of our favorite sites, Remodelista. Thanks for saying nice things about Stretch!



Emily is celebrating her one year anniversary with us! Emily came to us from Caravan Pacific and is the Office Manager in our Portland studio and warehouse. As you can tell from this photo, she’s a total boss.


Say hello to our little friend.

Introducing the most minimalist wall-mount and dock for your smartphone. It’s both super functional and portable!

Tiny is a minimalist wooden wall mount for your smartphone, with a slot for your charging cord. Place it at your bedside, at your entryway, or use Tiny on your desk as a simple stand.

And, for the rest of your devices—for all of your devices, we took Tiny, beefed it up, and stretched it out. Today we’re also announcing Tiny’s big brother, Stretch!

Stretch is a device rack that allows you to store and charge all of your home’s devices in one place. There are seven slots to hold your cables so you can keep everything topped off.

Tiny and Stretch. Put ‘em up.