November 28, 2013 0

Black out… on Black Friday

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In the spirit of Black Friday we’re releasing a brand new black Plank. It’s still wood, it’s all black, and it looks pretty dope.

We’re also having a site-wide sale of 15% off your order all weekend long. Stock up on your stocking stuffers today with the following coupon code: BLACKPLANKDAY

November 24, 2013 0

It’s All Wood!

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Today we’re excited to announce our newest family of products, Smorgas.

SmorgasBoard is a wooden magnetic bulletin board with different wooden attachments: Pegs for your pictures and notes, Hook for your keys, Box for your pens, and Shelf for your phone and wallet.

Each piece is magnetic, so you can configure SmorgasBoard however you like. Smorgas pieces can also be used on your fridge or any metal surface. Each piece is sold separately, or you can buy it all together as a set.

Smorgas. Hold everything.

Check it out here.

November 16, 2013 0

Stickers Arrived Today!

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October 25, 2013 1

Introducing LVLY Workshop

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LVLY Workshop

We love design. With backgrounds in graphic design, product design, and architecture, it is essential to everything we do. But we also like getting our hands dirty and making things — especially with all the rapid prototyping toys available now. Today we announce a new line of products made here in our Portland workshop.

These will be sold alongside the rest of our products but will be based on the following rules:

QUICK - A new Workshop product will launch every other month.

LOCAL - Workshop products are made entirely in the USA. All design and production happens locally.

UNIQUE - Workshop products are produced in small production runs, and each unit is numbered.

Our first LVLY Workshop product is a wallet. It’s a minimal, one-pocket leather sleeve that holds up to 6 cards securely. It’s lasercut, numbered, and hand-sewn. The LVLY wallet comes in two colors: natural and dark brown.


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September 17, 2013 0


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If you are like us, wondering why the new case for iPhone 5c has the Polka-dot cutouts, we think we figured it out: with Peg Board, the back of your phone becomes a handy surface for games.


All kidding aside, sign up below to receive our real product announcements.

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September 12, 2013 0

Welcome, Scott!

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scott on his favorite 3-stair

iLoveHandles is pleased to welcome Scott Warneke to our team. Scott is getting his BFA in the University of Oregon Product Design program (Go Ducks!). We can’t wait to steal all of his best ideas, and we’ll do our best to undo everything he’s learning in design school.

We brought Scott on because he’s both a smart designer and a talented skateboarder.

September 6, 2013 7

Introducing PAPERBACK!

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Adhesive notes for iPhone. We know what you’re thinking — there are apps for that. Well, it’s still easier to jot something down on a sticky note, and more satisfying to cross off an item with real ink. With Paperback, you can do a quick sketch or make a list the old-fashioned way, and slap it on the back of your phone.

Use them one at a time, or put a small stack on the back of your phone to use later. Paperback’s pages have a removable adhesive on most of their surface, keeping the note flat on your iPhone.

Paperback. Take note.


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We are excited that Barnacles are now in one of our favorite stores, CB2!

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Updates Available for Your Phone.

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Whether your iPhone wants to lie down or stand up straight, we have some exciting news:


After many requests for a lightning version of Pinhead (and even a few mistaken orders), he’s finally here. With 8 pins rather than 30, the coolest dock ever is now available for iPhone 5 and the latest iPods.


We know the light, natural color of Plank doesn’t match everyone’s home or office, so we are happy to announce a new, dark Plank, made of beautiful Black Walnut.

Order yours this week with the following promo code and receive 10% off your entire order: PROMO CODE:

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iLoveHandles on MacBreak Weekly

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We are super excited that Leo Laporte has mentioned us a few times on MackBreak Weekly recently. He first showed the Plank, then showed it installed in a subsequent episode. He also demoed Trunk, then started chewing on it for some reason. We appreciate the mention and love the show. Thanks.