The Numbers Game

Wrist Ruler started as a “Workshop” product, which was a monthly sprint to quickly design and make a product in the US. We would make them in small production runs and number them. After a certain point, we made so many that it seemed silly to us at the time to keep numbering them.

A few years later, I was at the One Moto Show in Portland and ran into a good friend, Martha. I got excited when I noticed that she was wearing a well-patinaed Wrist Ruler. She casually took it off and showed me the underside where I could still decipher “LVLY.005.” She was wearing the fifth Wrist Ruler! (I wear an unnumbered prototype, and my wife wears number 6753.) If anyone has any of the early, numbered Wrist Rulers, we would love to hear from you.


Abacus on Swiss Miss

We are long-time fans of Tina Roth Eisenberg and her blog Swiss Miss. It is always exciting to see our products pop up. Thank you for featuring Abacus!


Come Back Soon!

We got this from someone who visited the shop:

“Sullivan is sad that you are not open today.”

Sorry, Sullivan.


Welcome Jeff

We want to welcome Jeff Heil to the team as a design intern. Jeff is a student at the University of Oregon, has worked for Bill Adler Design, and is currently helping us develop new products. Jeff likes to do outdoorsy things and he writes a mean cover letter.