We are excited to announce that Trunk for iPhone is now available in both black and white. (Yes, we were listening.)

While we were at it, we decided to make some improvements to Trunk’s design and construction. The new Trunk has a reinforced Lightning connection, improved “bendability” and “posability” (neither of which appears to be a word, but you get it), and Trunk is now case-friendly!

We designed a special “riser” that adds support and maintains the clean look if you do not use a case. If you do use a case, simply remove Trunk’s riser, and it works with most cases.



iLoveHandles on MacBreak Weekly

We are super excited that Leo Laporte has mentioned us a few times on MackBreak Weekly recently. He first showed the Plank, then showed it installed in a subsequent episode. He also demoed Trunk, then started chewing on it for some reason. We appreciate the mention and love the show. Thanks.




Introducing Micro USB Trunk

Trunk Micro USB posable smartphone cable.
Why should iPhones have all the fun? We are excited to announce that TRUNK is also available in black with a microUSB connection. Pre-order yours today. Shipping June 15th.


Be Flexible.

TRUNK Posable Lightning Cable
Trunk is a short, posable charging cable for your iPhone or iPod. And, unlike the short, flaccid charging cables on the market, you can bend Trunk vertical to charge on the wall, bend it the other way and use GPS in the car, or straighten it out and put it in a small pocket when you’re on the move.

Why do you need all that cord? With Trunk, there is no wrapping, no tangling — no mess.

Trunk. Be flexible.