What’d You Get?!

Happy holidays, everyone!

Did either Santa or some non-religious entity just give you an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus? If so, we have just the thing for you. We have been working on refreshing our product line for the newer iPhones, and today we’re excited to announce a few updates.
First off, Paperback is now available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. We added a larger camera hole to expose the flash, and we divided the notepad into four pads of 20 sheets each, making it easier for you to place a stack of multiple sticky notes on the back of your phone.
plank plus
While iPhone 6 fits really nicely on our Plank, iPhone 6 Plus and other phablets have outgrown the little shelf. Today we’re releasing the Plank Plus. It’s the same minimal shelf with the same magnetic underside; it’s just a little larger.


Black out… on Black Friday


In the spirit of Black Friday we’re releasing a brand new black Plank. It’s still wood, it’s all black, and it looks pretty dope.

We’re also having a site-wide sale of 15% off your order all weekend long. Stock up on your stocking stuffers today with the following coupon code: BLACKPLANKDAY


Updates Available for Your Phone.

Whether your iPhone wants to lie down or stand up straight, we have some exciting news:


After many requests for a lightning version of Pinhead (and even a few mistaken orders), he’s finally here. With 8 pins rather than 30, the coolest dock ever is now available for iPhone 5 and the latest iPods.


We know the light, natural color of Plank doesn’t match everyone’s home or office, so we are happy to announce a new, dark Plank, made of beautiful Black Walnut.

Order yours this week with the following promo code and receive 10% off your entire order: PROMO CODE:


iLoveHandles on MacBreak Weekly

We are super excited that Leo Laporte has mentioned us a few times on MackBreak Weekly recently. He first showed the Plank, then showed it installed in a subsequent episode. He also demoed Trunk, then started chewing on it for some reason. We appreciate the mention and love the show. Thanks.




PLANK on Complex

I was happy to see PLANK on Complex’s site…not just because I’m a fan of the magazine, but also because they obviously read about us before posting an article. They called us “accidental specialists in iPhone accessories” — I love it when the press articulates something about us better than we could.