Behind the Scenes…

We’ve been gathering photos of the manufacturing process for all of our products. Some of these are so cool, we had to share them.

Barnacle tool:






Facet tool:




FACET and iPad mini

we were a little relieved to hear the 4th generation iPad would have magnets and would consequently work with FACET. We were more than a little excited to see Mini and to discover that FACET works with it as well. Check out the video of us playing with the Mini in the Apple store.


FACET 3-sided magnetic iPad Stand

Facet is a multi-angle magnetic stand for iPad. Each side of the pyramid is a different angle: 35°, 55°, and 75°. When holding up an iPad, Facet is barely visible from the front. We also wanted Facet to be a sexy object on your desk when it’s not being used.

The strong magnets make Facet a sable stand anywhere, and each slope is curved at the bottom to create a solid connection with iPad. The shape and surface area of Facet’s footprint make it a great stand on soft surfaces such as a couch or bed.

Facet works with iPad 2 and the new iPad. Patent pending.